Managed Services

Operational Support for their legacy networks

24/7/365 managed Service

CES opened its Managed Service division in 2001 offering our customers 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Operational Support for their legacy networks. Centred in London Docklands, a duplicate site was opened in Tampa, USA, from where our North American customers are supported. Both sites act as reciprocal disaster recovery centres.

Complete suite of outsource solutions

Whilst our initial customers required assistance in operating Nortel and Ericsson switching and transport equipment, our service offering rapidly grew to provide a complete suite of outsource solutions covering both new and legacy requirements across all vendors’ products.

Now operated by our sister company, Global Network Operations, our outsource solutions offer;

  • Excellent Network Performance.
  • Ability to stabilize and cap operational costs.
  • Vendor independence.
  • Reduction in costs of operating and maintaining legacy networks.
  • Independent consultancy on all aspects of network provisioning, operation, performance and service quality.

Our competence covers all aspects of service solutions from simple pro-active monitoring through to full First, Second and Third line support packages.

For more detailed information please call CES on 01707 874775.


I would like to formally thank your team for such an excellent achievement in clearing our main London City site.  This was a major 8 week project to clear equipment and cable over three floors. Your professional approach, careful planning, quiet working and excellent transport logistics enabled the job to be completed with minimum disruption to other tenants and no complaints from the building management company.  The fact you were able to show such an excellent return from the value of re-sale equipment and recycling revenue has enabled the project to be completed on time and at zero cost to ourselves”.

From the Facilities Director Global Branded operator


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Asset recovery

WEEE Recycling

Save The Environment... Save The World!

Recycle your old equipment and be part of a global environmental revolution.

Offset costs of site clearances, equipment decommissioning and removal

Buy Pre-Owned telecoms Network Hardware

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