Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Network Hardware

"I would like to formally thank your team for such an excellent achievement in clearing our main London City site. This was a major 8 week project to clear equipment and cable over three floors. Your professional approach, careful planning, quiet working and excellent transport logistics enabled the job to be completed with minimum disruption to other tenants and no complaints from the building management company.

The fact you were able to show such an excellent return from the value of re-sale equipment and recycling revenue has enabled the project to be completed on time and at zero cost to ourselves".

From the Head of Facilities at Virgin Media

In recent years the secondary network equipment and used telecommunications hardware market has developed into a mature and established industry, widely accepted by many of the world's leading telecom equipment suppliers, operators and equipment manufacturers. CES Telecom are pleased to have been a leading force in establishing the used telecommunications equipment industry and continue to lead in the sale and purchase of used telecommunications network hardware and refurbished telecom equipment products. Our team's extensive market experience has built up established connections throughout the world, enabling us to serve our customers requirement's, whether a rare obsolete unit or today's latest technology.

Value of Used Telecoms Equipment

Ensuring our customers maintain that essential element of value is one of our key objectives. CES Telecom’s used and refurbished telecom equipment typically costs 60% to 90% less than the original market price, providing immediate and effective cost savings in maintaining and supporting infrastructure.

Help with Your Multi Vendor Supply Chain

Telecommunications networks inevitably contain equipment from a variety of vendors, each providing their own supply contract with associated long term commitment. With our established and proven capability in purchasing and stocking multi vendor used telecommunications equipment, CES Telecom offers operators a risk free alternative, with substantial reductions in network support costs.

Fast Delivery of Used Telecoms Device

We aim to deliver our product including refurbished telecom equipment within days of order. Typically we have around 1,000,000 items in stock ready for immediate dispatch, but importantly, through our established network, we have access to many thousands more. Utilising our capability effectively allows us to successfully deliver components our competitors struggle to find. We have a proven track record for fast delivery used telecommunications equipment with over 94% of product delivered to timescale.

Warranted Used Telecom Hardware Equipment

All equipment sold, whether new, used or refurbished, is function tested prior to dispatch and is provided with a minimum three month warranty. Our internal statistics prove our returns rate is less than 0.05% of equipment dispatched.

GREEN Solution with Used Telecoms Equipment...

By purchasing pre-owned and used telecommunications equipment, you are supporting the environmental objective of Reduce, Recycle & Reuse, assisting your company to meet its environmental targets. CES Telecom also underpins those targets, buying your surplus equipment for resale or providing the environmental reduction of scrap items into usable material streams.

If you cannot find the network used hardware you are looking for, please contact us and when our expert team will be pleased to help you. Call : +44 1707 874 775