Management Team


Richard Dean

Richard’s background includes ten years of telecommunications engineering work with British Telecommunications and Plessey. Subsequently, his decision to enter the field of sales and marketing resulted in a number of positions with major communications systems manufacturers. He formed his own company in 1986, to take advantage of the opportunities for selling used telecommunications equipment to the export market. Twenty Five years on Richard maintains the position of Chairman, overseeing the transition of CES to becoming a leading managed service company.

He continues to follow his lifelong interest in vintage sports cars, rallying and touring around Europe and America.

Also a keen member of the CPRE and Woodland trust.

Managing Director

Adrian Robinson

Adrian’s background was within the IT and Telecoms recruitment industry where he managed a team of senior recruitment consultants. Having secured a number of major contracts with global blue chip organisations he was headhunted by Michael Page, a market leader in investment banking recruitment. Here he managed a team of executive recruitment consultants doubling the revenue generated within 2 years.

After a years sabbatical in Long Island New York, coaching and directing soccer camps throughout Long Island, he joined CES Telecom.

He quickly became Sales Director, spearheading the drive for a more global presence with a focus on providing outsourced managed services to network operators. The formation of the groups Network Operation Centre’s in the UK & USA put CES in the unique position of being a complete vendor independent managed service provider.

Adrian continues to follow his passion for football having played at a semi-professional level for a number of years.

President of CES America

Thomas Brunette

Thomas Brunette is the President of CES America. Among Tom’s primary responsibilities is the maintenance of relationships with major carriers in the United States. Tom has helped drive the CES group into having an ever growing market share in the secondary hardware industry along with positioning CES into an enviable position of being able to offer their customers a full managed service for all there network needs . In addition, Tom is considered a leading international expert in the appraisal of telecommunication network equipment having appraised hundreds of networks in over 10 countries the past 22 years.

Tom is a keen sailor, regularly participating in yacht races around southern America.

Vice President Sales - CALA & Latin America

Jorge Campos

Jorge’s background within the telecommunications industry includes over 12 years of successful sales with SRS Industries, a major supplier of network infrastructure equipment. He was responsible for building a resourceful and profitable CALA team within the company and was personally involved in opening several Fortune 500 accounts in Latin America.

Upon joining CES Telecom as Vice-President of Sales, he has secured both repair infrastructure and supplier contracts with the major operators and OEMs throughout the Latin America and Caribbean regions . Within a short space of time Jorge and his team have built an excellent reputation and large market presence for CES within the CALA region.

Jorge is an avid golfer and participates in organized sports such as baseball and softball.

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