Test, Refurbish and Repair

Ongoing legacy support service

Test, Repair and Refurbished Telecom Equipment

As part of our ongoing legacy support services we offer a card refurbishment programme which is aimed at keeping hard to replace cards in service for minimum cost.

Testing telecommunications equipment

All used telecommunications equipment is tested to OEM specifications or to customers own tailored test programme.

In addition we are able to repair a large variety of PCB’s and power supplies.

If you cannot find the network used hardware you are looking for, please contact us and when our expert team will be pleased to help you. Call : +44 1707 874 775


“We have just passed our third anniversary of using CES to repair our Lucent legacy switching equipment.  I thought it time to thank you for your excellent service.  Since using you our DOA cards have fallen to less that .25%”

From the Operations Director of a large North American carrier


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Asset recovery

WEEE Recycling

Save The Environment... Save The World!

Recycle your old equipment and be part of a global environmental revolution.

Offset costs of site clearances, equipment decommissioning and removal

Buy Pre-Owned telecoms Network Hardware

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