Equipment Sales

Single source for networking hardware requirements

Large stocks of used network hardware

We hold the largest stocks of used network hardware including Ericsson AXE 10, Marconi System X and Nortel DMS switching equipment, ready for immediate shipment worldwide. Our extensive inventory of used and refurbished telecom equipment also includes Cisco, Alcatel, Lucent, Sycamore and many others.

Quality refurbished telecom equipment

All our products are tested and carry a full warranty to ensure quality and peace of mind. Our own quality systems show the return rate on product sold is less than 0.5%.

80% of our business is “repeat business” or by recommendation.  Independent benchmarking shows we are in the top quartile for providing excellent quality and pricing for our customers.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your entire telecommunications network hardware requirements,CES Telecom offers the best used and refurbished telecom equipment. We specialize in network hardware resale and our team of expert staff is always there to answer your requests. With CES Telecom our customers save money by purchasing from our wide range of warranted  used telecommunications equipment.

CES Telecom is a single source for all your new, refurbished, used telecommunication equipment and networking hardware requirements. CES Telecom offer a complete brokerage service for high quality refurbished and used telecommunications equipment. With our wide range of used telecommunication equipment, we continue to support network operators with the supply of hard-to-find, used and refurbished Legacy spares.

Our logistics staff and systems can handle all export, compliance, shipping and special customer requirements and understand the need for speedy acquisition of equipment to timetable and in budget.

If you cannot find the used network hardware you are looking for, please contact us and when our expert team will be pleased to help you. Call : +44 1707 874 775


“I take this opportunity to thank you for the support given during the last 18 months of this programme and your responsiveness to managing timely deliveries of equipment which proved free of problems.  We have just seven sites left to complete of the 143 site programme which will be completed on time”

From a major equipment manufacturer requiring legacy product to support a large upgrade on their customers network.


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Asset recovery

WEEE Recycling

Save The Environment... Save The World!

Recycle your old equipment and be part of a global environmental revolution.

Offset costs of site clearances, equipment decommissioning and removal

Buy Pre-Owned telecoms Network Hardware

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